What Does Adopting Mean?

Responsibilities include weekly site visits and reporting, an application and end-of-year report, and community engagement strategies.

Sound Interesting?

Consider becoming an adoption partner after reading our requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 501c3 status required, organizations with an Employers Identification Number (EIN) preferred.
  • Minimum of 1 full time paid staff member or equivalent (Exceptions are subject to PWD approval).
  • Must host regular community meetings and/or have another system in place for regular community updates and member/resident notification.

All organizations applying to the program must have PWD constructed green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) within the boundaries of their represented area.

Special consideration may be made for those groups where infrastructure is currently under construction.

Please note that privately owned green infrastructure systems are ineligible.

Adoption Partner Responsibilities

  • Participate in a training session and site tour
  • Beautify and monitor your adopted GSI site(s) and submit weekly reports
  • Submit annual application, mid-year report, and end-of-year reports
  • Take part in formal financial review process with PIDC
  • Assist PWD in creating awareness and educational opportunities for your community