Current Adoption Partners

APM (logo features two stylized figures in motion, perhaps dancing, below and to the left of the initials APM. To the right of the figures, it says ...for everyone - the full name, Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha, is written across the top.)
Carl Mackley Apartments & Cayuga Triangle, with TTF Watershed Partnership
Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation (logo features a large C, with a leaf covering the bottom half, wrapping around the beginning of the word Centennial)
Friends of Vernon Park (logo shows the name in the lower half of a rectangle, with the upper half dominated by vines). and TTF Watershed Partnership (logo features a square illustration of a stream, surrounded by greenery, with the Philadelphia skyline in the background - to the right of the illustration, Tookany/Tacony-Frankford is written in bold blue, with Watershed Partnership, Inc. written below in lighter weight grey text.)
Frankford Community Development Corporation (logo features the words FRANKFORD COMMUNITY slightly staggered, aligned with the horizontal lines of a graphic resembling a simple weaving of semi-transparent stripes - above/right of the name, the stripes are hot pink, below/left they are blue. The words DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION are nestled into the bottom right corner)
the Friends Rehabilitation Program logo depicts a stylized tree growing out of cupped hands in front of a house shape, drawn in white on a teal background with the name in white capital letters below
Hunting Park Community Garden logo and North10 logo side by side
Make The World Better (logo features a circular mark divided into colorful rectangles next to the lowercase acronym mtwb, with MAKE THE WORLD BETTER written small underneath, in increasingly bolder letters)
Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (logo features the acronym NLNA in alternating green and grey, with circles above each letter so they look like people, and the spaces formed under the Ns and A are transformed into city buildings. The full name is written across the bottom.)
South Kensington Community Partners
Southwest CDC (logo shows the text in the southwest quadrant of a compass rose)
Roxborough Manayunk Conservancy

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