Storm Drains: Ins & Outs

Sewers work best when drains are clear!

Fall leaves can lead to flooding!

We love trees! But make sure to never rake leaves into drains.

Keep out litter and pollution, too.

Only rain should go into a storm drain. Drains lead to rivers and streams.

Dog Poop

Mop Water



During storms, hard surfaces (like roofs and pavement) can collect water and create runoff.

Clogged inlets prevent runoff from entering sewers. Streets and sidewalks can flood.

Philadelphia uses green infrastructure (like green roofs and permeable pavement) to prevent pollution from stormwater runoff.

illustration of a sewer access hole cover with a heart in the center

Show sewers some love!

Keep drains clear. Never litter or throw trash into drains.

Who you can contact in Philadelphia:

drawing of a storm drain at the edge of the street cluttered with litter and leaves

Request a cleaning for a storm drain.

Call “311
or visit

the litter and leaves cluttering the storm drain block water from flowing in, so it floods the street around it

Report a clogged storm drain or flooded street.

Call PWD: (215) 685-6300

a pile of leaves, mostly gold and red-orange, with a few still greenish.

Recycle Fall Leaves

Get information on leaf collection and drop-off events

Tips for contacting us:

Be ready to provide an address, or describe which corner or location needs attention. It helps to be specific!

City of Philadelphia / Philadelphia Water Department