Our 2021 Customer Survey is now open closed!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back next year!

What’s your PWD experience?

We want to hear from you! More than 10,000 Philadelphians have contributed to the annual survey in the past 5 years.

All participants have a chance to win a $100 gift card!

Take the survey:



Scan the QR code:


Text @WATER to 833-373-0455

How long does the survey take?

Less than 5 minutes.

Who will see my answers?

Your answers and your identity will be kept completely confidential. No one but researchers at the University of Pennsylvania will ever see your responses.

All responses and contact information will be kept completely confidential.

What will happen with the surveys?

The University of Pennsylvania will analyze the data and prepare a report for PWD. PWD will use the feedback you share to improve services provided to all customers.

What will I get for taking this survey?

You will be entered into a raffle to win one of many $100 gift cards.


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Email: PhilaWaterSurvey@gmail.com

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