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More ways to help with your water bill.

Grants Available!  Our partners offer grants for eligible customers to help with utility costs. Learn more and apply →

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More people than ever need help.

Don’t wait to apply for assistance.

Submit your application.
We’ll determine which program offers you the lowest bill.

Find out if you’re eligible:
→ phila.gov/waterbillhelp

Reduced Income? Submit a new application for any recent change in your household or income!


No scanner? No problem!

Use your phone to snap a clear picture of any required documentation.

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A PWD Customer Service Representative is shown from the waist up, wearing a plum-colored cardigan over a light floral blouse, with a headset PWD lanyard, and calm, understanding facial expression.

Lost your job?
Other difficulties?

Special Hardships:

Even if your household income is higher than Tiered Assistance Program (TAP) limits, you may still be eligible by showing that you are experiencing circumstances like:

  • Lost job
  • Serious illness
  • Change in household
  • Loss of family member
  • Domestic Violence


One form for all assistance programs.

Apply with a Special Hardship Claim using “Attachment C” of our Customer Assistance Application.

Don’t forget! The documentation you attach to your application must show a date from the past 12 months!

→ Start or request an application now

A PWD Customer Service representative is shown seated on a stool at a small desk with a laptop on it. She is wearing jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt, black hijab, headset, and blue PWD lanyard. She has a knowing look on her face as she points to the text, "Your account balance will still grow with every unpaid bill."
Your account balance will still grow with every unpaid bill.

If you can,
pay your water bill.

It’s the simplest way to avoid late payment penalties, and keep your balance from growing.

Bill payments fund all our operations, and keep clean water flowing throughout our city.

→ phila.gov/waterbill

You can also pay by mail or over the phone.

A PWD Customer Service Representative holds up a card with a heart on it, shaded with 3 shades of blue like the PWD logo. He is wearing a blue PWD polo and a headset, and has warm brown skin and dark, close cropped hair and a short beard.

Other options for help


Can’t afford the full amount, or have a large bill? Setting up a Payment Agreement can help you avoid a lien, and make your monthly payment more managable.

→ Call (215) 685-6300

Don’t qualify for assistance?

We’re working with customers on an individual basis. Be prepared for longer wait times.

Email wrbhelpdesk@phila.gov, and we’ll do our best to find a solution.

Working together to reduce debt.

Cash grants for unpaid bills

Our partners are helping customers with unpaid utility bills, including water bills! Don’t delay; funds are limited!

Water customers: Contact UESF (Utilities Emergency Service Funds)
Fill out their Contact Form at → uesfacts.org or → Call (215) 814-6837

UESF can help you apply for assistance after they check your grant eligibility.


Debt Forgiveness

Debt Forgiveness helps customers enrolled in the Tiered Assistance Program (TAP) clear the debt* on their accounts. Make 24 payments on your TAP bill to work toward debt forgiveness.

* Forgiveness applies only to the debt accrued before the customer’s first enrollment in TAP.

A man wearing a high-visibility orange coat, navy blue winter cap with the Philadelphia Water Department logo, and grey gaiter pulled up over his mouth and nose stands in front of a yellow vehicle with the old PWD logo on the side.
Essential crews worked to restore water to approximately 15,000 customers at the onset of the pandemic.

Our pandemic response:

We restored water. This helped an estimated 15,000 customers who were previously shut off. We halted penalties and late fees and froze shutoffs for customers behind on their bills.

Residential customers were protected from shutoff for nonpayment from March 2020 through July 2022.

New shutoff policies created to protect those unable to pay bills are now in place.

Penalties for non-payment may include late fees, canceled payment agreements, and referral to collections agencies.

Customers enrolled in the Tiered Assistance Program (TAP) or receiving a Senior Citizen Discount are protected from penalties and enforcement.

Don’t wait. Find out if you’re eligible. → phila.gov/waterbillhelp

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