Sewers work best when drains are clear!

Doing Your Part

logo for the Storm Drain Marking program shows a hand holding a circular storm drain marker with a fish on it, over a dark blue background with lighter blue dashed lines in concentric circles reminiscent of both a sewer access hole cover, and ripples in water.

Volunteer to mark storm drains

Recycle Fall Leaves

See more info from the Streets Department:

Storm Drain Marking

This is a great volunteer project, especially for organizations!

We’ll provide everything you need to educate neighbors about stormwater and its impact on our watersheds.

Keep litter, pollution, and yard waste out!

fall leaves and a partially full single-use plastic water bottle

Only rain should go in storm drains. Drains lead to streams and rivers.

Dog Poop

Mop Water



During storms, hard surfaces (like roofs and pavement) can collect water and create runoff.

Clogged inlets prevent runoff from entering sewers. Streets and sidewalks can flood.

Philadelphia uses green infrastructure (like green roofs and permeable pavement) to prevent pollution from stormwater runoff.

show sewers some love!

Keep your property’s sewer connections healthy. Dispose of cooking grease properly in the trash or recycle it.

Never wash grease down your drain! Grease accumulates, and can lead to costly damages to sewers and your property’s plumbing.

Photo: Chloe Geiger, JPG Photo & Video © PWD

Our crews maintain thousands of storm drains across the city!

Help us take care of storm drains!

drawing of a storm drain at the edge of the street cluttered with litter and leaves

Request a cleaning for a storm drain.

Call “311
or visit

the litter and leaves cluttering the storm drain block water from flowing in, so it floods the street around it

Report a clogged storm drain or flooded street.

Call PWD: (215) 685-6300

Tips for getting in touch:

Be ready to provide an address, or describe which corner or location needs attention. It helps to be specific!

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