Pipe suppliers have recently informed PWD that manufacturers are stopping production of 3″ ductile iron pipe. The decision comes as manufacturers adjust to changes in the economy and supply chain.

Builders and developers often use 3″ ductile for large water service lines and fire service connections. The end of the production of this 3″ pipe has led PWD to stop permitting all 3″ connections.

Those seeking 3″ connections after November 18th will be required to use 4″ connections.

Please see the following questions and answers for more information.

Q. When will the change go into effect?

Applicants may no longer apply for a pre-permit for a 3” new connection. The effective date on which PWD will no longer issue 3” connection permits for both domestic and fire services is 11/18/22.

Q. What size is offered as a substitute?

Applicants that apply for a new connection permit after November 18th are required to upsize to 4” sizing. Note that there is no change in price for upsizing to 4” sizing.

Q. Are there any changes to the process for requesting connections?

The application process remains the same. Applications received after 11/18/22 for 3” connection size will be rejected and be requested to upsize to 4” connections. There is no price difference between 3” and 4” connection permits.

If you have additional questions, please contact pwd_devservices@phila.gov.