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3-inch Connections Will No Longer Be Permitted

Pipe suppliers have recently informed PWD that manufacturers are stopping production of 3″ ductile iron pipe. The decision comes as manufacturers adjust to changes in the economy and supply chain. Builders and developers often use 3″ ductile for large water service lines and fire service connections. The end of the production of this 3″ pipe […]

Water Bills Now Being Sent in White Envelopes

Due to a nationwide paper shortage, the Philadelphia Water Department will now be sending bills to water customers in white envelopes, instead of the familiar blue envelopes. The bills themselves will not change. The new white envelopes will be used until further notice. Tired of receiving paper bills? Consider switching to our online billing platform, […]

Clean Water Act at 50: Celebrate and Take Action in Philly

We’re commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, which was passed in October 1972. This monumental piece of legislation and the burst of federal support for water infrastructure that followed revived polluted waterways across the United States – especially here in Philadelphia.  Follow along as we honor this milestone with history, events, and […]

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