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Philly Water Bar

Philly Water Bar 2023

The Philly Water Bar is a relationship-building tool and interactive platform that educates and engages the public around Philadelphia’s top-quality tap water. Find out where it will be this summer or request the Water Bar for your event!

Updated 6/2: PWD Response to Bristol Township Chemical Spill

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) was first alerted of a chemical spill on a Delaware River tributary in Bristol Township, Bucks County, on Saturday, March 25, 2023. From March 25 through April 4, our water quality experts collected over 200 samples in response. No chemicals of concern from the Bristol Township spill were detected in any of the 200-plus samples collected by PWD and analyzed by independent, accredited laboratories, confirming that Philadelphia’s drinking water was not impacted by the chemical spill.

Latest Drinking Water Quality Report Published

The Philadelphia Water Department works around the clock to make sure that safe, high-quality drinking water is always on tap. Providing a safe, abundant, and reliable supply of water is our commitment to all of our customers, both large and small. Our latest Water Quality Report, which features data collected throughout 2021 and was published […]

Drink More Tap!

Drink More Tap bridges art with water education. Commissioning local artists, the campaign uses creativity to spread awareness about the benefits of drinking Philly tap: it’s healthy, sustainable, and affordable.

2020 Drinking Water Quality Report, published in 2021

2020 Drinking Water Quality Report

This report features water quality information collected throughout 2020. You will also find information about where your water comes from, and how we protect your safety as water moves from the rivers, through our plants and pipes, and into your home.

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