The Philadelphia Water Department strives for sustainable utility operations to ensure that we are capable of meeting the social, economic and environmental demands of a 21st Century water utility.

Green City, Clean Waters

By implementing green stormwater infrastructure projects, such as rain gardens and stormwater planters, the City can reduce water pollution impacts while improving our essential natural resources and making our neighborhoods more beautiful.

Watershed Protection

PWD defends our rivers from threats and pollution sources locally and beyond the City limits to ensure safe, high-quality drinking water and healthy local waterways.

Ecological Restoration

Historic development practices have altered natural hydrologic patterns and ecosystems. We are now “working with nature” and design projects that restore some of these processes to a more natural state.

Resource Recovery and Energy Production

The Philadelphia Water Department is generating and conserving energy to reduce our reliance on non renewable resources, and to diversify the City’s bank of available energy sources.

Climate Change Adaptation

PWD is working to better understand the impacts climate change will have on Philadelphia’s water infrastructure and how it needs to invest and plan for a future that looks different than the past.

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