For Immediate Release: February 10, 2023

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PSA: Residents Celebrating Super Bowl Should Keep Grease Out of Pipes 

The Philadelphia Water Department reminds residents taking part in Super Bowl festivities to observe good home plumbing habits by properly disposing of fat, oil, and grease used in cooking. See below public service announcement for details and tips. 

Avoid a clogged pipe and help protect Philly’s sewer system!

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the Philadelphia Water Department.

As every good Philadelphian knows, grease belongs on the poles of South Broad Street and Cottman Ave. — not in drains, pipes, or sewers. 

Cooking for a big Eagles Super Bowl party? We’re all about greasing the poles, but remember — never put oil, fat, or grease down the drain!

All cooking fat, like oil from deep-frying and bacon grease, should go in the trash and not down your kitchen sink or any drain.

Once fats and oils get to a lower temperature, they can harden, build up, and clog pipes. This can often happen in the lateral pipe that connects homes and buildings to the City sewer system. Once that happens, you’ll likely need to hire a plumber and could even get a Notice of Defect if the clog is causing issues on your block.     

Fat, oil, and grease can also cause serious issues and blockages in sewers, a problem made worse when products like “flushable” wipes are put in the toilet. In some cases, these build-ups result in a fatberg: a massive sewer clog.

As gross as all this sounds, it’s easy to avoid:     

Just cool any fat or grease, place it in a can or other disposable container, and put it in the trash to prevent clogged pipes at home and dreaded fatbergs in the sewers. Go Birds!

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