Arial view of a construction site where a section of water transmission main is being laid. We're looking down into a large trench, dug into and surrounded by reddish dirt, with the sides supported by massive corrugated metal panels and steel beams as an orange crane arm lowers a piece of bright blue pipe, at least 10 feet wide and 20 long, into the hole. Workers can be seen looking on, standing on another section of the pipe and on the side of the trench, and seem very small.

Your water bill supports critical infrastructure.

We do not profit from rate increases.
We ask for the amount needed to cover the cost of services we must provide.


New rate information effective September 2022

Our transmission mains carry drinking water across the city.

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Rate Changes Effective September 2022

On September 1st, 2022, a monthly water bill for a typical residential customer increases by 6.5%.

Effective DateTypical Monthly Bill Total 1
September 1, 2021$69.15
September 1, 2022$73.62

1. A typical customer uses 500 cubic feet (cf) of water a month and has a 5/8″ meter.

We’re aggressively seeking money from other sources.

The Philadelphia Water Department is working tirelessly to secure federal funding so we can make critical infrastructure investments, reduce pollution in local waterways, and keep all the services we provide affordable for our customers.

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A PWD work crew wearing orange t-shirts, yellow safety vests, blue jeans, work boots, gloves, and white hardhats working on a sewer lining project in a closed-off Center City street at night.

Our duty is to provide essential water service 24/7.

Sewer lining
This work allows crews to strengthen existing sewers with less disruption to the community.

Our Essential Services

a donut-shaped diagram divided into three sections: Drinking Water (Treatment and delivery), Wastewater (collection and treatment), and Stormwater (storage and management). In the center is a circle that says "Protecting our Waters"

A typical residential bill:

A typical bill is based on a customer who uses 500 cubic feet of water (3,740 gallons) per month and has a 5/8″ water meter. A typical senior citizen uses 300 cubic feet of water per month, and eligible seniors may receive a 25 percent discount on their bill. Differences in water usage will result in higher or lower charges.

Usage ChargesTypical ResidentialWith Senior Citizen Discount
Water Usage, including TAP Rider surcharge:
Usage x $(48.96 + 1.03) / 1,000 cf =
Sewer Usage, including TAP Rider surcharge:
Usage x $(34.57 + 1.63) / 1,000 cf =
Service Charge for 5/8″ meter
(See Service Charge table for allocation between water and sewer)
Stormwater Charge$18.05$18.05
Total Monthly Bill$73.62-($14.10 discount) $42.28
(Includes Usage, Service & Stormwater Charges and TAP-R Surcharge)
What are TAP Rider surcharges?

“TAP” refers to our Tiered Assistance Program.

The number of customers enrolled and their level of need affect the cost of the program. These costs impact water rates.

Detailed rates for different usage amounts and meter sizes

Usage: Quantity Charges
Monthly Water UsageWater Usage Charge per MCFMonthly Water UsageSewer Usage Charge per MCF
First 2 Mcf$48.96All Billable Water Usage$34.57
Next 98 Mcf$44.99
Next 1900 Mcf$34.85
Over 2000 Mcf$33.91
1 Mcf = 1,000 cubic feet, or 7,480 gallons
Usage: TAP Rider (TAP-R) Surcharge Rates
Monthly Water UsageWater TAP-R Surcharge per Mcf*Monthly Water UsageWastewater TAP-R Surcharge per Mcf*
All Billable Water Usage$1.03All Billable Water Usage$1.63
* TAP-R Surcharge Rates are added to the Quantity Charge rates. Water TAP-R Surcharge Rate is added to each block rate.
Service: Monthly Charges
Meter Size (inches)Meter CodeMonthly Water ChargeMonthly Sewer Charge*Combined Monthly Charge*
1 – 1/2P$8.96$24.75$33.71
Service: Information for homes with residential fire sprinkler systems
Meter Size (inches)Meter CodeMonthly Water ChargeMonthly Sewer ChargeCombined Monthly Charge
1 – 1/2P$10.81$7.50$18.31
Wastewater Surcharges

Biochemical Oxygen Demand =
$0.375 per pound in excess of 250 mg/l

Suspended Solids =
$0.393 per pound in excess of 350 mg/l

mg/l = milligrams per liter

Let us help with your bill.

A contact center representative with tightly curled salt-and-pepper hair cut in a bob, wearing a blue polo with the PWD logo above a chest pocket and tortoise-shell glasses hanging from the neck, raspberry-colored lipstick, and silver hoop earrings peeking out from behind a black headset, looks off to the right with a serene expression.
You could qualify for state grants or Debt Forgiveness!

Our goal is to help our customers maintain water service, reduce water bill debt, and apply for lower water bills through our Tiered Assistance Program (TAP). You may qualify based on income or special hardships (like high medical bills or the loss of a job). Seniors may also qualify for discounts.


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photo of a lab taken from a high angle with a longer exposure shows three people in lab coats, face masks, and safety glasses, going about their work. The two in the background are blurred from movement so we get the impression it's a busy, active place.
City of Philadelphia Water Department

Safety is our top priority.

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