Just in case a Philadelphia Daily News front-page spread of our hero, Water Woman, doesn't say it all: #PhillyWaterBar’s debut at City Hall was a thirst-quenching success!

Wanna grab a drink @ Philly Water Bar?

Check out listings for the City Hall Pop-up, open noon-1 p.m. on Thursdays this summer. Find out when we're taking the bar to a neighborhood spot: check your ZIP code when you sign up for PWD texts/emails.

It's hard to pick our favorite moments from yesterday: the water we work so hard to protect, treat and deliver was truly the star of the show. And so many advocates were gathered right there at the heart of our city to show support for Philly tap.

The best part though?

About 200 people—many with a skeptical view of tap water—filled up at the bar and had a cool drink of local water.

Questions were asked. Pledges were made. Our Drinking Water Quality Reports found new homes. And more than a few people left City Hall with a new, positive experience that might just get them thinking differently about the affordable, healthy, sustainable, and amazing water that's been on tap in their home all this time.

To dive right into our favorite moments, start with this list and slideshow featuring 10 highlights that made us wooder-proud during the debut:

  1. 💧 Water Woman graces the *front page* of the Philadelphia Daily News!
  2. 💧 A HUGE copy of our #DrinkTapPHL Water Bar City Council Resolution!
  3. 💧 @PHLcouncil PHL Council staff + Councilman Mark Squilla and Councilman Bobby Henon as Philly Water Bar-tender
  4. 💧 PWD water quality scientists enjoying the awesome final product – Philly H2O!
  5. 💧 Partners helped us get residents to take the tap water pledge, a commitment to choosing reusable bottles
  6. 💧 Just-retired PWD Commish Debra McCarty popped in for a drink with her old co-workers, including Public Affairs’ fearless leader, Joanne Dahme!
  7. 💧 Water Woman gets her pour on with Hailey Stern of PWD Public Engagement.
  8. 💧 Residents check out their new PWD Drinking Water Quality Report, a great free resource we publish every spring to show the results of a year's worth of testing. Look for info on FB/in the mail in May for info about the 2018 data and see last year's report here: phillyh2o.info/2017-water-quality
  9. 💧 TJ and Tia, Water Stewards from Saul W B Agricultural School, serve as celeb Philly Water Bar tenders.
  10. 💧 Water Woman gets ready for another day with the Philly Tap Water Avenger…er, Ambassadors. 🙌🥂🌊

More highlights from media and our partners

Philly Voice came out and had the camera rolling, so you can catch clips of the opening remarks.

We loved hearing PWD Acting Commissioner Sarah Stevenson talking about growing up on Philly tap water:

Students /(Water)Bartenders TJ & Tia give an endorsement:

Philadelphia Inquirer:

W.B. Saul High School students and their teach:

Philadelphia Dept. of Revenue:

Catalina Jaramillo, Plan Philly/WHYY:

Don't miss out on the refreshing fun!

Come out for No Thirst Thursdays at City Hall, noon–1 p.m. on Thursdays this summer!
And don't forget to sign up for PWD texts/emails and select your zip code to find out when the Philly Water Bar is coming to your neighborhood!