PWD's Watersheds blog closes out the year with a list of 11 green missions accomplished in 2011, from innovative stormwater management projects and stream restorations to groundbreaking policy agreements and energy-generating solar arrays.

photo: GreenTreks

You can argue that the biggest win for Philadelphia's watersheds in 2011 wasn't a tangible project such as a rain garden, stream restoration, green roof or porous street—it was the approval of PWD's Green City, Clean Waters plan. Officials from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and PWD met on June 1 to sign a consent agreement that validates the 25-year, $2 billion plan to manage Philadelphia's stormwater largely through green infrastructure. This historic agreement was celebrated with a tap-water toast. Cheers to the work accomplished in 2011 and expect to see even more Green City, Clean Waters projects in 2012.