Mill Creek can be found on 19th century maps of Philadelphia, draining more than 4,000 acres of West Philadelphia with its main stem and tributaries. Look at a map today and you may find names associated with the waterway, but you won’t find any signs of the stream itself. So what happened to Mill Creek? To find out, join Adam Levine and Drew Brown of the Philadelphia Water Department on a bus tour that will explore the history of the old creek. Tracing its now hidden path, you will hear stories about the creek itself as well as the industry and farmland once found along its banks. The tour will include a discussion about the consequences of burying a creek in a pipe and building a city above it.


Each participant will receive an illustrated booklet highlighting the creek's past and present, as well as a map showing where the stream once ran. All money collected from the tour will go directly to the Overbrook Environmental Education Center, which works to improve the environment of the Overbrook neighborhood through a variety of programs. Participants are welcome to learn more about the OEEC and visit its facilities at the end of the tour.


Mill Creek Bus Tour with Adam Levine and Drew Brown of PWD
Saturday, December 6, 2014 8:45

am to 1:00 pm COST: $10 per person


Space is limited. Please call (215) 879-7770 to check availability and reserve your spot. This tour will be offered again in the near future. 


The bus will leave from and return to Overbrook Environmental Education Center, 6134 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19151. Tour will be held rain or shine, but IN CASE OF ICE OR SNOW, it may be postponed. For information, call OEEC the morning of the tour at (215) 879-7770.