We mark National Drinking Water Week with releases showcasing some work from our latest 'Drink More Tap' effort. Over the last year-plus, we worked with Mural Arts Philadelphia and local musicians to bring the sweet sounds of science and facts to communities unsure about drinking public water in Philadelphia. We are passionate about our love for local water and waterways, and we love seeing others share that passion too.

May 3, 2021 Press Release

Media Alert: Follow @PhillyH2O's 'Drinking Water Week' for music, videos, blogs

Philadelphia will recognize National Drinking Water Week May 3-8 with special new art and music projects aimed at getting all residents to benefit equally from our safe, high-quality tap water.

PHILADELPHIA—The Philadelphia Water Department invites members of the media to follow @PhillyH2O on social media for 'Drink More Tap' festivities and new art premiering during national Drinking Water Week.


During Drinking Water Week 2021 (May 3-8), the Water Department is thrilled to celebrate 'Drink More Tap'—a series using visual and performing arts to spread awareness about the benefits of drinking Philly tap: it's safe, affordable, and sustainable.


Starting May 3, new 'Drink More Tap' content, including blogs, videos, and songs, will be released during Drinking Water Week on PWD social media channels. Members of the media and the public can follow PWD at @PhillyH2O on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


New Video: Artists Sonni Shine, Dendê Macêdo, and Los Bomberos De la Calle explain the 'Drink More Tap' project and why they drink Philadelphia’s water:

'Drink More Tap' Mural Galleries:

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