How do you feel about the taste of Philly tap water?
A recent water main break in your neighborhood?
The new rain garden on your corner?

Tell us in the new 2022 PWD Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Your feedback helps us improve our water services and further shape outreach, communications, and engagement with our customers.

Plus, any Philadelphia resident (age 18 or older) who takes the survey can enter a raffle to win a $100 gift card.

Every year since 2016, we’ve conducted customer satisfaction surveys with the goal of better understanding customers’ opinions, behaviors, and desires around our products and services. The annual customer satisfaction survey has been vital to our mission, including improving services and programs to better suit customer preferences.

We partner with ImpactED at the University of Pennsylvania to provide support for the research.

Since its launch, more than 20,000 survey responses have been recorded, with over 7,000 individual participants in 2021 alone.

“We highly value the priorities, preferences, and experiences of our customers,” says Philadelphia Water Department Commissioner Randy E. Hayman. “As a City utility aiming to keep water bill costs affordable while providing the best services possible, we welcome the opportunity for residents to share their opinions about the Philadelphia Water Department in this year’s annual customer survey. Your responses help us better serve you.”

Your Voice Shapes Our Work

Customer research into drinking water behavior has led to many outcomes at PWD. Additional outreach supported by research findings in the annual comprehensive survey, as well as additional qualitative research efforts, have inspired new programs and initiatives.

Examples include the Philly Water Bar, Drink Philly Tap (a pilot project with the University of Pennsylvania and other community partners), the Drink More Tap art and water education campaign created with Mural Arts Philadelphia, and an overall renewed dedication to ensuring Philadelphians that tap water is safe, clean, healthy, and the best water choice they can make.

Musician Dendê Macêdo plays drums at the Drink More Tap Penorse Recreation Center mural unveiling in September 2021.

The Drink More Tap Cruz Recreation Center Mural unveiling in October 2021.

Topics we are evaluating include:

  • General perceptions of the Philadelphia Water Department
  • Drinking water habits and preferences
  • Trust in Philly tap water
  • Infrastructure awareness and perceptions
  • Your preferred way to get information
  • Water quality issues
  • Bill paying process
  • What you value and want to see from us in the coming years

Remember: Answers and personal information will be kept completely confidential. The University of Pennsylvania will analyze the data and prepare a report for PWD's internal use.

Thank you for feedback — please share with your Philly family, friends, and neighbors when you are done!