If you got a water bill this week, chances are it looked different from what you're used to seeing. As a part of our overall effort to improve customer service and make working Philadelphia Water as smooth and easy as possible, we've made some changes. For those who just want to know what they owe, that's as clear as can be. But if you're the kind of person who likes to get those nitty-gritty details, we've got stuff for you, too. Here's a quick look at what's different:

The New Bill.
Click the image to download or take a closer look. 

What makes the new bill better?

Easy-to-read format

Updated usage graph

Clear statement of charges and account status

Updated message section for important communications

Please—just the bottom line. How much?

If you are a customer who pays the full balance on the account every month, you only need to look at the total in the PLEASE PAY NOW box, which is outlined in color.

What does the usage graph tell me?

The usage graph shows trends in your water consumption over a 13-month period. The vertical axis is water consumption. The horizontal axis displays the months. A light-purple bar indicates an estimated reading; actual readings are in dark purple. Use the graph to monitor your water consumption habits. A drastic change in the graph may alert you to a leak, or it may reflect a change in your household routines: More showers? More laundry? House guests? Watering of outdoor plants?

Why is the detachable payment voucher important?

The coded information ensures the accurate processing of your payment. Without the payment voucher, the coded information must be entered manually. Manual entry requires extra time, and data entry errors are always a possibility. With the payment voucher, the information is read and recorded electronically.

What if Philadelphia Water recently installed new metering equipment at my location?

If your meter and/or ERT were replaced since the last billing cycle, the meter information section of the bill will display the readings and total usage for both the old and new meters as well as the old and new ERTs.

What if I have a payment agreement?

A “Payment Agreement History” section showing the six most recent payments is now reflected on page two of the bill.

The figure in the PLEASE PAY NOW box includes your current charges plus your monthly payment agreement amount. This is the amount you should pay by the due date to avoid penalty charges.  

How does the new bill indicate a discount or credit?

If you or your organization receives a grant or discount such as Senior Citizen, Charity, PHA, Board of Education and University/Hospital discounts, it is listed with your monthly charges, above the total.

And remember: You can always pay your Philadelphia Water bill online! Just click here for online bill pay