Just one month into his new role leading the Philadelphia Water Department, Commissioner Randy Hayman made his public debut in style: pouring water for PWD customers at the Philly Water Bar with the Phillie Phanatic.

Commissioner Hayman left a partnership with a prestigious Washington, DC environmental law firm in June to return to public service, and previously served as general counsel at two major water utilities—DC Water and Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.

In the coming weeks, Commissioner Hayman will meet employees at PWD Headquarters and all facilities and plants. He looks forward to meeting the entire PWD family.

Here's Commissioner Randy Hayman's message for PWD’S 2,000-person-strong workforce.

Commissioner Hayman: I’m Proud to Stand with PWD

When the proud parents of a newborn child bring their tiny bundle of joy home from the hospital, they lovingly give their precious gift that special first bath in water that flows from the tap.

PWD Commissioner Randy Hayman stands smiling in the courtyard at city hall, wearing a blue apron, as he raises a paper cone of fresh, cold, Philly tap water to toast Philly tap after serving customers and passers-by at Philly Water Bar.

Commissioner Randy Hayman toasts Philly tap after serving customers at the Philly Water Bar in City Hall's courtyard on July 25th.

When it's 90 degrees outside and you just finished playing a hard game of basketball, tennis, or even touch football… you might like milk. You may even prefer juice. But we all know that nothing will quench your thirst faster than a tall, cold glass of water.

Our city’s economic engine does not run on gasoline—it runs on H2O.

And Philadelphia is built on top of a complex labyrinth of pipes that with, dedicated maintenance and care, faithfully brings needed water into our city while swiftly taking away that which must be treated.

It is with these understandings that I proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the employees of the Philadelphia Water Department who dedicate their professional careers and personal concerns to the protection of the health and safety of their fellow neighbors.

We are the Philadelphia Water Department!

Phanatic For Philly Tap: More Photos!

Check out more photos from the Phillie Phanatic's visit to City Hall below:

Commissioner Hayman Greets Philly with Phanatic at Philly Water Bar
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