The proposed stormwater management plan for Guerin Recreation Center presented at the community meeting on October 26, 2015. Credit: Philadelphia Water.

We hold lots of neighborhood meetings for our Green City, Clean Waters projects because we value feedback from residents. Our meeting Monday at Guerin Recreation Center caught a lot of attention—over 90 people came to voice their opinions on the stormwater management project proposed for the site. We work hard to get community members involved, so we appreciate that kind of turnout.

As residents know, we've been working with Parks and Recreation and holding public meetings about Guerin improvements since 2012.

Not everyone may agree on the details of the project, but the fact that so many people attended is indicative of how much people care about Guerin. Also, we don't expect everyone to agree about the best use of every public space, and that's why we work with residents, community groups, city partners and elected officials to shape the final look of each green stormwater infrastructure project we do.

We try to select green infrastructure tools that have benefits to the neighborhood beyond reducing sewer overflows and improving water quality. Public spaces with added green can be more relaxing and stress reducing. They can be cooler in the summer. Some studies have even shown links between more green and things like reduced crime and improved health and property values.

That doesn’t mean it is appropriate for every site, but Green City, Clean Waters is centered on the idea that Philadelphia can get the water quality improvements we need to achieve while also improving our neighborhoods.

Bottom line? The work of upgrading our infrastructure and improving the health of our rivers is important for every single Philadelphia resident, and we're in this for the long run.

We'll be holding more meetings on Guerin and other local stormwater projects, so stay tuned for details. 

You can learn more about Green City, Clean Waters by clicking here.