Did you catch any of our highlights during Infrastructure Week? To finish, here's a glimpse at the progress we're making towards reducing pollution from sewer overflows and stormwater runoff—two of the biggest water quality issues impacting Philly waterways—and an animated video with a very cute otter.

Since Green City, Clean Waters launched in 2011, we have added thousands of green stormwater tools to Philadelphia communities. Many more green tools, including new green infrastructure sites on public land and private projects, are under construction and will make our city better able to handle polluted runoff.

These projects will contribute to our 10-year goals for the program, and that means we’ll be keeping billions of gallons of runoff out of the oldest parts of our sewer system to reduce overflows while making our neighborhoods greener, more vibrant places to live.

Want to learn more about why we launched Green City, Clean Waters and what green stormwater tools do for our waterways?

Watch this short animated video to see how we got to where we are and how we are reclaiming our rivers and streams for wildlife and recreation:

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