There is still plenty of winter left to sign up for Rain Check, says this ground hog!

For those Philly residents feeling the winter blues, Punxsutawney Phil didn't exactly bring hope and relief when he popped out of his den on Ground Hog Day and decided we're in for six more weeks of cold weather.

But, before you resign and decide to join ol' Phil in another month-and-half of hibernation, let us offer you an optimistic antidote...

Rather than thinking of this Ground Hog Day forecast as a longer winter, think of it as more time to get started on that spring landscaping project you've been putting off!

In February alone, we have eight free Rain Check workshops scheduled in neighborhoods all over the city, providing you with lots of opportunities to start planning a discounted warm-weather upgrade for your home.

With Rain Check, you can sign up to get a free rain barrel installed this spring—and then spend the rest of winter coming up with a fun DIY design that will make it yours.

Or maybe you're interested in a great deal on of our Rain Check planter gardens to catch rain from your downspout. What kind of flowers and plants would yours feature? Pros from the Pa. Horticultural Society will be there to help you out during installation.

Rain Check will even pitch in up $2,000 on bigger landscaping projects like rain gardens that help protect local rivers and creeks from stormwater runoff.

February is also a good time to let your special someone know they can skip the Valentine's Day roses shipped from halfway around the world: you're more into native flowers and doing good for the environment.

Looking at the local Missed Connections postings, we can see there's at least one lonely yard out there that could really use a little love from a new rain garden:

To sweeten the chances of some Rain Check romance, we're also are giving away a free wrapped rain barrel to one lucky participant who attends a February workshop. The winner will have three designs to choose from.

If you've already participated in Rain Check and fallen in love with your green stormwater tool, help us by being a matchmaker: we'll thank you by putting your name into a drawing for two Philadelphia Flower Show tickets!

All you have to do is get a friend from the Lonely Yards Club to come to a Rain Check workshop by Feb. 20 and drop your name when they sign up--we'll do the rest and let you know if you've won.

We even have a little Valentine you can share with friends and family:

Get a friend to a Rain Check workshop by Feb. 20 and you could win two free Flower Show tickets.

See? Winter isn't all cold and gloom. There are lots of ways to make the most of the off season and plan for spring projects that will add beauty to your home, and Rain Check is here to help.

Read more about our winter incentives and see upcoming workshops.

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