Spokesdog Winners!

Gracie (left) and Daisy Ann (right) are this year’s Spokesdog competition winners!
Photos by Shaun Bailey of Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. 

Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 Philly Water’s Best Friend Spokesdog Competition: Daisy Ann, a hound dog from Lower Moyamensing and Gracie, a corgi from Juniata! These two eco-friendly pups and their guardians will teach neighbors about the importance of picking up after their pets to keep our waterways clean.

The Partnership for Delaware Estuary and the Philadelphia Water Department team up every year to host the Spokesdog Competition. Now in its fourth year, the competition crowns two dogs from Philadelphia who will serve (with their guardians) as clean water ambassadors to the city for one year. They spread the word about picking up pet waste at neighborhood events, hand out free pet waste bags and get featured on promotional and educational materials. In return, the winners receive prizes for their pooches including toys, treats, and grooming services.

This year’s competitions were held on Saturday, September 20th at the Lower Moyamensing Flea Market and on Saturday, September 27 at the Juniata Fest. Hound dog Daisy Ann and guardian Eileen Burns were the winners in Lower Moyamensing and corgi Gracie and guardian Michelle Shaw were the winners in Juniata. They each received $250 worth of prizes for their pups!

Pet waste is a “poo-lutant” that is harmful to the environment, especially to rivers. Pet waste that stays on the ground can get washed into our sewer system and overflow into our rivers. Once in the river, it can fuel excessive growth of aquatic algae which robs the water of oxygen, potentially killing fish and other species. It can also pollute the land and water with disease-causing bacteria. Luckily, there’s a simple solution—pet owners should flush waste down the toilet (not in a bag) where it can be treated at a sewage treatment plant, or discarded in the trash using a biodegradable bag.

Check out photos of the event from the Parternship for Delaware Estuary at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/delawareestuary.