When we put out a call to find Philly Water’s Best Friend, more than 85 dogs answered and thousands (yes, thousands!) of votes were cast online. On May 7, two canine pageants took place—one in East Falls and one in Manayunk—to test the special talents of these dogs and evaluate everything from their eco-friendly lifestyles to their dreams for Philadelphia.

In exchange for the title of Philly Water’s Best Friend, these ambassadogs will attend community events, handing out brochures and biodegradable bag dispensers to raise awareness of pollution caused by pet waste. The purpose of the Philly Water’s Best Friend Competition is to reduce water pollution by teaching pet owners the importance of picking up dog waste.

The spokesdog pageant featured special guests and judges, including Mayor Michael Nutter, PWD commissioner Howard Neukrug and State Representative Pamela A. DeLissio. And the winners are: Molson, a pit bull/German shepherd/Husky mix from East Falls; and Teddie (pictured above with owner Lindsey McClennen and Mayor Nutter), the golden doodle from Manayunk/Roxborough. Congratulations to our new ambassadogs!

Check out our spokesdog page for more info and a slideshow of the contestants.