Our very own fearless leader, Philadelphia Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug, sat down with the chief editor of Water Online, Kevin Westerling, for an extensive Q&A that shines light our internationally recognized green solution to Philadelphia’s stormwater challenges – Green City, Clean Waters. And, we have to say, it’s a flattering and fascinating read. Titled “‘Super’ Advice From Philadelphia’s Water Commissioner,” Westerling opens his piece by saying “It’s not often that you have the opportunity to talk to a ‘superhero’ of sustainability,” and goes on to cite our favorite magazine cover ever:

(Grid Magazine, December 2013.)

Here’s a quick excerpt from the Water Online story’s introduction:

Nationally, Neukrug’s work is lauded and emulated. Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters program is a model of stormwater management, and also a template for urban beautification and revitalization. In addition to receiving numerous accolades for water management and pollution prevention — Green City, Clean Waters was started in 2011 to reduce Philadelphia’s combined sewer overflows (CSOs) — Neukrug was recently granted the 2015 Arbor Day Award for PWD’s greening of Philadelphia.

Click here to read on as they discus topics like how Green City, Clean Waters could be reproduced in other cities, increased investment in drinking water infrastructure and what we’re doing to reduce water main breaks, climate change, funding for green tools, how green infrastructure fits into the bigger picture of maintaining traditional infrastructure, and how tools like our biogas power generation at a Water Pollution Control Plant can tie everything together.

Water Online describes their site as “the leading source of technical information and thought leadership for the drinking water and wastewater treatment community.”