All spring, Philly fans of good water and good dogs have been using their "likes" on social media to vote for our 2019 Spokesdog.

The four special pups in the running all come from the local Morris Animal Refuge, and the dog with the most likes on the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages will be crowned next month.

Likes to determine the top dog will be tallied after the contest ends Friday, May 24. Then, on Saturday, June 22, we'll join them for a ceremony where PWD's very own Water Woman will crown the 2019 Spokesdog. (Skip to the end to get liking!)

Join the Party:

Get in on the fun for the Spokesdog crowning at the Cobbs Creek Environmental Education Center between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.:

As our official Spokesdog partners, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary launched the contest in March, and their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds have been filled with cute puppy pics that help highlight the importance of keeping pet waste out of our waterways.

About the Dogs & Morris Refuge

Philly's Morris Animal Refuge is connecting with their big network of pet lovers to get the word out about the 2019 Spokesog Contest and protecting our water from dog waste. But they're also looking for homes for the dogs, and the campaign has already helped King and Arya find families!

For more info about adopting Willow or Dolphina, contact Morris Refuge or call (215) 735-9570.

That lucky pooch (and their new family) will then use the platform to combat bad (human) habits that can lead to pet waste pollution in our local waterways.

A source of pathogens and excess nutrients, dog poop that gets washed into our waterways from streets, parks, and yards can make water recreation unsafe for people and cause environmental impacts like algae blooms that suck streams dry of dissolved oxygen needed for fish survival.

We put our poo-llution prevention tips in this slideshow:

(along with some photos of the pups - Arya, King, Willow & Dolphina)

2019 Spokesdog Tips From Phila. Water and Delaware Estuary

Ready to Vote? Give Your Dog a Like:

We've collected @DelawareEstuary's Spokesdog posts below to make voting easy—just give the pup you think will do the best job a "like" (on all three apps, if you want).

Then, share your choice and our tips for making pet waste disposal cleaning up after pets easy!