Above: Workers attempted to uncover this valve box cover on Monday night. More work is likely to occur in the coming days. Credit: Philadelphia Water 

As we noted earlier on social media, leak detection work at the rainbow-colored crosswalk at 13th and Locust streets was mistakenly reported as vandalism on Monday, December 28.

Philadelphia Water recognizes that work performed last night at that intersection caused some concern among citizens in the area. While the work being performed was not unusual, we apologize for the disturbance and any misunderstanding regarding the nature of our activities.

Throughout the year, Philadelphia Water actively works to identify sources of leaks, water quality issues, and many other infrastructure concerns for which we are responsible. Quite frequently, the optimal time of day to perform this work is in the evening hours.

While the crews last night were simply performing their duties to inspect for a leak that was reported to us, we understand that without a marked vehicle in the immediate vicinity, it was not obvious to the casual observer that we were performing legitimate utility work.

The leak, originally reported at Broad and Locust, is still being investigated. It is highly likely that crews will return to the area of 13th and Locust, or other nearby locations, as part of our continued efforts to identify the source of the leak. Employees on these crews should be easily identified through Philadelphia Water attire.

Customers with questions or concerns regarding water department work are encouraged to call our hotline at 215 685 6300.