The Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia Water Department, Schuylkill Action Network, Environmental Protection Agency, EcoExpress, and the Partnership for Delaware Estuary released the Urban Watersheds Curriculum Guide this past year. This primary audience for the guide is K-8 educators. The curriculum guide takes students through a fascinating and complex narrative with its twist and turns, describing the urban water system. Those interested are individuals interested in making a connections between one of our most fundamental elements in life – water – and all of the complexities and responsibilities associated with accessing it, using it, cleaning it up and returning it to our waterways.

Both Nebinger School and Greenfield School tested the guide. Nebinger’s Middle School teacher, Rachel Odoroff, positively described her experience: “The lesson brings critical issues to life for students in a manner that is fun, engaging and meaningful,” she says, “At Nebinger Elementary, our students have welcomed this content, especially as they could draw, create, observe, experiment and discuss along the way!”

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