Every spring, each department of the city government testifies in front of City Council during the hearings about the budget for the next fiscal year. (Quick point: Philadelphia’s fiscal year ends on June 30. Fiscal Years correspond to their end dates. So right now we’re in the middle of hearings for fiscal year 2015 which begins on July 1, 2014.)

For the departments, it’s a chance to reflect back on the previous year and look ahead at the short- and long-term plans of the department. Tomorrow, the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) will have its turn in the spotlight as Commissioner Howard Neukrug delivers his testimony to City Council. Since much of what is said during this testimony doesn’t get reported out to the general public, we thought we’d share some of these reflections of the past yearand plans for the coming year directly with you. Over the next few days we will post quick reads about what we think are some exciting developments and particularly interesting challenges. As always, to respond to anything you’ve read here or ask questions through our Twitter accountor by emailing WaterFeedback@phila.gov.

Wednesday we’ll kick things off with a quick review of our mission and share with you the major short- and long-term goals we identified in a recently completed Strategic Plan.