If we could be doing something better, we want to know about it. If we’re doing something that you love — we want to hear about that, too.

Everything we do is funded by your water bill, so we want to make sure we’re providing you with the best services possible.

That’s why we have been working with trusted partners at the University of Pennsylvania for the last five years to conduct a comprehensive annual customer survey. By participating in this survey, you ensure your voice is heard and provide valuable feedback that will shape what we do.

“As a public utility striving to keep costs down and provide the best water and services possible, we need to know what our customers prioritize,” says Philadelphia Water Department Commissioner Randy E. Hayman, Esq. “Your water bills help fund our work, so please take a few minutes to answer questions about important topics like drinking water quality, our customer service, and the value of infrastructure. The information you provide will help us improve and better meet your needs.”

To make it worth your time, participants (excluding City employees) can sign up for a chance to win a $100 gift card. The survey is also available in Spanish. Anyone 18 and older is eligible, and your answers and personal information will be kept completely confidential.

Get started now: 2021 Customer Feedback Survey →

Take it on your phone by texting @WATER to 1-833-373-0455.

Why Your Voice Matters

The information collected in these surveys gives us a current look at what people think of our services and, importantly, how the people of Philadelphia feel about the water we provide. Because the pandemic has very much limited opportunities to interact with the public in person, our sixth annual survey is an especially important one.

We also want you to know that your responses really do shape what we do by helping us to develop programs and direct resources to communities where we identify needs.

For example, previous survey findings revealed approximately 40 percent of residents drink bottled water most often at home, leading to outreach in neighborhoods where people are most likely to distrust tap water. The Drink Philly Tap initiative, our Philly Water Bar popup, and the Drink More Tap mural projects were all inspired by feedback collected through this survey.

Two 2019 projects, the Philly Water Bar (left) and the Drink More Tap murals (right), were inspired by customer survey findings.

We are also using customer feedback to improve ongoing initiatives, including the Advanced Metering Infrastructure upgrade program, which will provide leak alerts and allow you to check your usage online.

Topics we are evaluating include:

  • General perceptions of the Philadelphia Water Department
  • Drinking water habits and preferences
  • Infrastructure awareness and perceptions
  • Your preferred way to get information
  • Water quality issues
  • Bill paying process
  • What you value and want to see from us in the coming years

Remember: Answers and personal information will be kept completely confidential. The University of Pennsylvania will analyze the data and prepare a report for PWD's internal use.

Thank you for feedback — please share with your Philly friends and neighbors when you are done!