Important Information for Homeowners Following Lead Service Line Replacement

Following lead service line replacement, small pieces of lead from your service pipe may have entered the pipes in your house. That may lead to high levels of lead in the water you use to cook and drink for up to three months.

Immediately following Lead Service Line Replacement

Before you use any water, run only cold water from an outside hose spigot or utility sink or bathtub for 30 minutes.

For three months following Lead Service Line Replacement

Perform intensive flushing every three weeks:

  • Remove all aerators first
  • Run cold water from every faucet or tap in your whole house for at least 10 minutes
  • Start with taps in your basement or lowest floors and work your way up, opening all taps
  • Make sure drains are clear
  • After this, follow the Daily Cleaning and Aerator Cleaning guidance at right

For full detailed instructions please read the Intensive Flushing Fact Sheet

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