Customer Responsibilities

Once drinking water leaves the PWD water main in the street, its safe delivery becomes the customer’s responsibility.

This means that customers must repair faulty plumbing that connects our water and sewer mains to their home as well as the plumbing inside the home.

Drinking Water Plumbing

This includes:

  • Ferrule: Connection valve to the water main.
  • Expansion Loop: Bend in the pipe to allow for expansion.
  • Water Service Pipe: Piping connected to the water main.
  • Curb Stop: Valve used to turn water on/off from the main.
  • Water Supply Pipe: Pipe connected from the curb stop that carries water into the house.
  • Supply Valve: Valve used to turn water on/off from the street to the house.
  • Water Meter: Instrument used to measure water usage.
  • House Valve: Valve used to turn water on/off in the house.
  • Curb Stop Box: Cover to protect the curb stop valve.

Wastewater Plumbing

  • Vent Box: Plate that covers the vent pipe
  • Vent Pipe: Also known as Fresh Air Inlet (FAI) Pipe used to provide air circulation for the drainage system.
  • House Main Drain: Piping that collects the waste and empties to the lateral.
  • Curb Trap: J-pipe that connects the drain to the lateral.
  • Lateral: Piping connecting house drain to public sewer.
  • Slant: Also known as Tap. The connection between the sewer and the lateral.
  • House Storm Drain: (Separate system only) Piping that collects rainwater and empties in the lateral.
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