Lancaster Avenue 1

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Current Phase:


March 2024


Project #50198 Lancaster Avenue 1 will implement green stormwater management infrastructure tools in the Haverford North neighborhood in West Philadelphia. This project will also install new water mains.

This project is part of the Green City, Clean Waters program. There will be a series of projects in the area:

Streets Affected

  • Fairmount Ave. from Brooklyn St. to Warren St.
  • Fairmount Ave. from Lancaster Ave. to Sloan St.
  • Aspen St. from N. 42nd St. to Lancaster Ave.
  • Preston St. from Fairmount Ave. to Wallace St.
  • Fairmount Ave. from Lancaster Ave. to Preston St. (Water Main Replacement)
  • Preston St. from Fairmount Ave. to Wallace St. (Water Main Replacement)
  • Fairmount Ave. from Olive St. to Preston St. (Sewer Lining)
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Project #50198

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Project Files

50198 Construction LetterJuly 25, 2023 Lancaster Area GSI MapJanuary 24, 2022


Construction Update: April 2024

Water main replacement work began in late March 2024, starting on the southwest end of Fairmount Ave. As of April 2, 2024, work has reached the intersection where Fairmount Ave., N. Preston St., and Olive St. meet.

Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) work has also started on Fairmount Ave.

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