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Construction Status

——Active Project: is currently under construction or will start in the coming weeks.
——Upcoming Project: is expected to begin construction with a year.

Please note: this map does not show information regarding water main breaks or outages due to emergency.

Please call 215-685-6300 to report an issue or water emergency.

This map is updated daily. 

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Project Types:


PWD is installing new water pipes that carry water to homes and businesses to increase service reliability.

Learn more about Philadelphia’s drinking water system.


Green infrastructure tools use above ground features such as plants, trees and stone to filter, store and manage stormwater.

Learn more about green infrastructure and our Green City, Clean Waters program.


PWD is replacing the pipes that carry stormwater and wastewater from homes and businesses to increase service reliability and reduce the chance of sewer back-ups during rain events.

Learn more about Philadelphia’s sewer and stormwater services.

Sewer Lining

Sewer Lining involves repairing the lining of the sewer walls in order to reinforce, seal and rehabilitate them.

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