Stakeholder Advisory Group

Advocates connecting the community and the Water Revitalization Plan

Inaugural Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) members will serve an important role in connecting our communities and advocating for the comprehensive Water Revitalization Plan. Members are committed to sharing important project updates as well as gathering input from their neighborhoods and networks.

Who’s Who on the SAG

Kayla Akpan


Port Richmond

Lindsay Christinee


Society Hill

Mithun Das


Cobbs Creek

Lucinda Hudson


West Parkside

Rozell Kenney


Wynnefield Heights

Richard Lampert


East Falls

Raymond Lucci


East Falls

Su Ly



Ted J. Mullen



Joanne Reilly


Marconi Plaza

Dr. Joi Spraggins



Walter Threadgill


Port Richmond

Cheryl Tse



Corey Wills


Southwest Cedar Park


Amy Cornelius

Bella Vista

Michelle Feldman

East Falls

Iola Harper


Meeting Materials

Meeting #1 – July 2023

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189.91 KB194463

Meeting #2 – October 2023

ItemFile SizeBytes
9.97 MB10449104
378.37 KB387446

Meeting #3 – January 2024

ItemFile SizeBytes
5.31 MB5567099
256.14 KB262288

Meeting #4 – April 2024

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147.96 KB151509

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stakeholder Advisory Group?

The Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is a group of community members with an interest in Philadelphia Water Department infrastructure projects who will serve as advocates for the Water Revitalization Plan (WRP), engage and enhance trust between PWD and the community, and gather and share information related to the program.

How many members will be on the SAG?

10-12 members with approximately 6 alternates

How will members be selected?

Member selection will be made up of a hybrid of nominations and an open application process. Registered Community Organization (RCO) groups will be invited to submit their nominee to the SAG, and the open application process will be used for members at large from the community. All SAG member applications (both RCO nominated and those applying) will be reviewed by the PWD SAG Selection Committee, a group of three to five PWD staff, with a focus on ensuring that special experience/interest categories and diversity are represented. SAG members will be selected in the Department’s sole discretion.

What is expected of SAG members?

Stakeholder Advisory Group members are expected to serve as advocates for the Water Revitalization Plan (WRP). Primary responsibilities include reviewing and monitoring program progress, gathering information from the public as it relates to ongoing WRP projects, sharing important updates with other community members and participation in quarterly meetings.

How many meetings will I be required to attend?

Quarterly meetings, each approximately 90 minutes long. Meetings will be held either in person or virtually. If in person, a virtual option will be provided. Meeting dates and times will be provided in advance so SAG members can plan their attendance.

How long will membership be for SAG members?

SAG members are expected to serve an initial term of two years, with an option to renew for a maximum of one additional year.

What if I am unable to continue my participation in the SAG?

If a member is unable to complete their term, they may notify PWD of their desire to withdraw membership. At that time, a previously identified alternate may step in or nominations/recruitment will be conducted to identify a replacement.

Will there be compensation for my participation on the SAG?

Yes – SAG members are providing their expertise on the community and time related to input for PWD, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates as noted above. SAG members will receive a $50 generic (VISA/Mastercard) gift card for participation in each quarterly meeting, with a total maximum compensation of $200 per year. Members must be present in order to receive compensation. If meetings are held virtually, gift cards will be mailed to members or arrangements to pick up at PWD can be made.

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