Industrial Waste

The PWD Industrial Waste Unit (IWU) protects the City’s freshwater resources and wastewater treatment plants by enforcing local, state and federal regulations governing wastewater discharges to the City’s wastewater and stormwater collection systems.


IWU issues permits regulating industrial, commercial and non-routine discharges to the City’s sewers and wastewater treatment plants. All permits issued by IWU establish specific discharge, monitoring and reporting requirements. Failure to obtain a required permit or violation of permit conditions may be punishable by monetary fines.  

Significant Industrial User (SIU) Wastewater Discharge Permit

SIU permits regulate commercial and industrial production wastewater discharges to the City sewer system. Industries planning to, or currently, disposing production wastewater to the City sewers without a permit must complete a permit application. Industries can find guidance documents on the Industrial Waste Resources page. 

Groundwater Discharge Permit

Projects requiring disposal of groundwater or accumulated stormwater to the City’s combined or sanitary sewer systems must obtain a groundwater discharge permit prior to discharge. Projects often requiring groundwater discharge permits include, but are not limited to, building construction and environmental site remediation. Persons requiring groundwater discharge permits must complete a permit application.
A Groundwater Discharge Permit authorizes discharge to City’s combined and sanitary sewers ONLY.

Hauled Wastewater Discharge Permit

Authorized haulers of septage waste may dispose of those wastes at the City’s Southwest Water Pollution Control Plant after obtaining a hauled wastewater discharge permit. Companies seeking permission for disposal must complete a permit application

Manhole Pumpout Permit

Utilities may obtain a manhole pumpout permit for permission to discharge wastewater from underground infrastructure to the City’s sanitary and combined sewers. Utilities seeking a manhole pumpout permit should contact the Industrial Waste Unit. 


The surcharge program recovers the costs for treating wastewater that exceeds the characteristics of a normal residential wastewater. For specific information on the surcharge program and how surcharge bills are calculated, please consult the surcharge brochure. For specific information on the City’s laundromat surcharge, please consult the laundromat surcharge flyer

Sewer Rental Factor

A sewer rental factor (SRF) is a billing credit for commercial and industrial customers demonstrating on-site water loss (water in product, HVAC evaporative loss, boilers, etc.) of at least 5% of water used or 225,000 cubic feet per year, whichever is less. Customers seeking an SRF must complete the SRF application.

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