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On Thursday, June 23rd, 2022, PWD responded to an early morning water main break on a 20” transmission main at N. 4th St and W. Hewson St. in Kensington.

Crews have been working to make repairs to the 20” main and inspect our other infrastructure in the area.

N. 4th St. is currently closed between Norris and Berks Sts. until further notice.

Please see the attachments in the righthand column to find information that has been shared with the community and other helpful links for information regarding claim forms and meeting notifications.

Read more about how PWD responds to water main breaks here.

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4th & Hewson Community LetterJune 28, 2022 PWD Claim Form ApplicationFebruary 22, 2022 FAQs Following a Main BreakAugust 25, 2021


Community meeting for 4th/Hewson water main break: Thurs, Jul 7

The Philadelphia Water Department will hold a virtual community meeting on Thursday, July 7th at 6:30pm. PWD will provide an update on the water main break at N. 4th St. and W. Hewson St. in Kensington.

Email John DiGiulio, Community Relations Manager, at John.DiGiulio@phila.gov with any questions prior to the meeting.

Link for virtual meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83011272279?pwd=sLp7vzNaKQdsIvlgwvDGtLoH4iZ6mN.1

  • Meeting ID: 830 1127 2279
  • Passcode: 829813

4th & Hewson Community Meeting Flyer

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