Millbourne Cobbs Creek Bank Stabilization

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Current Phase:


Fall 2021


Summer 2022


Project #50223 is a construction project that will take place in/along Cobbs Creek, just north of Market Street, and in adjacent grassy and wooded areas next to the walking trail.

This project is a part of the PWD’s Strategic Watershed Improvement Plan for stabilizing and improving stream corridors and this work will directly support our 25-year green stormwater management program, Green City, Clean Waters.

As part of this work, the Water Department is planning to:

  • Stabilize two separate portions of stream bank along Cobbs Creek’s main stem located just upstream of the Market Street bridge at 63rd and Market Streets.
  •  Please see page 2 for images of where the work will occur.
  • Use the existing trail and grassy areas for both construction staging and work access and will make sure to navigate around the recently built rain garden in this area.

For more information about this program visit: water.phila.gov/green-city/.

For worksite issues, contact:
For more information, contact:

Project #50223

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Construction began

JPC has started with boulder and tree removal at Cobbs Creek. The trail is currently open to the public.

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