Cohocksink Flood Mitigation Project: Phase 6

Current Phase:


Since 2004, the Northern Liberties, Ludlow, and South Kensington neighborhoods have been heavily impacted by an increasing number of intense rain events.

Phase 6 of the Cohocksink Flood Mitigation Project, the final phase of a six-phase flood mitigation project, proposes to double conveyance capacity of the combined sewer system through the construction of new sewer and stormwater infrastructure in these flood-prone commercial and residential neighborhoods.

This project includes the following characteristics:

  • Large-scale, comprehensive infrastructure that mitigates risk to at least four community lifelines (transportation, water, hazardous material, health and medical)
  • Reduced risk of sewer backup into more than 1,000 basements
  • Reduced combined sewer overflow, groundwater seepage, shallow street flooding, and building flooding across a 1,302-acre rapidly developing drainage area
  • Direct risk reduction and ancillary benefits to disadvantaged communities
  • Ancillary benefits, including rebuilt sidewalks, curbs, and streets restoration; new bike lane routes; and nature-based solution components like green streets infrastructure to reduce flood risk
  • Protection of critical facilities and community assets, including utility buildings, a school, a recreation center, and a medical facility.

Through 1,600 feet of new box sewers; utility, street, and sidewalk repair; and incorporation of nature based solutions, this project will reduce the risk of flooding while enhancing community amenities.

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