Baker / Wilde / Fountain

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October 2020


August 2022


Project #40841 (Baker / Wilde / Fountain) will replace water mains and sewage pipes in the Manayunk neighborhoods to increase service reliability and reduce the chance of breakages.

Streets Affected

  • Fountain St. from Smick St. to Manayunk Ave.
  • Fowler St. from Fountain St. to Hermitage St.
  • Wilde St. from Hermitage St. to Leverington Ave.
  • Baker St. from Ripka St. to Dupont St.
  • Mallory St. from Wilde St. to High St.
  • Sheldon St. from Fountain St. to Hermitage St.
  • Vicaris St. from Rock St. to Dead End on Vicaris St.
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Project #40841

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40841 Construction LetterNovember 18, 2021


Construction began

Construction began on Fountain Street. Nathan Schmidt (inspector) distributed hand-delivered neighborhood letter to residents on Fountain St. the week prior.

Posted by:
Amy Hopf
Project Update

Construction (NTP) letter sent to residents

Posted by:
Amy Hopf

Bid letter sent to residents

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