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Park Line Dr & Gorgas Chute

Current Phase:


February 2024


Estimated Late 2024


Project #41085 Park Line Dr & Gorgas Chute will restore stormwater infrastructure and repair stream protection work to reduce erosion in two locations in Wissahickon Valley Park.

The work is scheduled to start in February 2024 at the Gorgas Lane location and is anticipated to transition to the Park Line Drive location in April 2024.

Location #1: Gorgas Chute
The initial construction effort is under the Henry Avenue Bridge at Gorgas Lane. There will be a detour starting at the Wissahickon Valley Park Entrance at Gorgas Lane, 19128. It entails reconstruction of a stormwater conduit from bridge inlets at the south end of the bridge span, as well as restoration of the existing stormwater ‘chute’ in this area.

Location #2: Park Line Drive
The second location is at the bottom of the Park Line Drive White Trail Entrance to the Wissahickon Valley park trail system. There will be a detour starting at the entrance at Park Line Drive and W Hortter St, 19119. This portion includes repair work on our interceptor sewer that constitutes a portion of the Orange Trail and stream protection work to reduce erosion. Restoration of our natural waterways protects our overall water quality and existing infrastructure along the banks.

A photographer will visit the job site to record all existing conditions, prior to the start of construction. This will help to ensure that all work sites are left in an acceptable condition upon completion of the project.

Throughout construction, access to these areas of the park under construction will be prohibited. Please respect the prohibited access area for your own safety. During normal working hours, between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM, the contractor may also post “No-Parking” signs on an as required basis.

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