Olive / Swain

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Current Phase:


Estimated April 2022


Estimated Spring 2023


Project #41113 Olive / Swain will replace water mains and sewer pipes in the Fairmount neighborhood.

Streets Affected

  • Olive St. from N. 16th St. to N. 17th St.
  • Swain St. from N. 16th St. to N. 17th St.
  • N. Chadwick St. from Swain St. to Olive St.
  • Olive St. from N. 17th St. to N. 18th St.
  • Olive St. from Shirley St. to N. 19th St.
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Project #41113

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Project Files

41113 Construction LetterMarch 15, 2022


Construction update for project #41113

Work is ongoing on the 1600 block of Olive St. The water main was replaced in January 2023, and the sewer main is scheduled to be replaced mid-February 2023.

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