Ralph Brooks GSI Re-Design

Current Phase:


The Ralph Brooks Re-Design project (#50395) will upgrade the GSI at Ralph Brooks Park for better system functionality and longevity. This will enhance the stormwater management at this location and on the surrounding streets. Many of the existing materials onsite will be reused to keep costs low. This project is part of the city’s 25-year stormwater management plan called Green City, Clean Waters.

The re-design work will include:

  • Abandoning the existing infrastructure below the basketball court. Please note this will not affect the basketball court at all,
  • Regrading the corner of 20th & Fernon Streets to prevent water ponding at the ADA ramp, 
  • Redesigning and replanting the existing rain garden to allow for optimal stormwater runoff capture, 
  • Potentially adding fencing or bollards around the rain garden to increase public safety and ensure proper maintenance to the system.
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