Guidance for Navigation and Printing of the Design Manual

The PWD Design Manual can be used directly from the internet. However, it is suggested that the manual be downloaded from the homepage as the links and other navigational tools will function better. The downloaded version will have bookmarks on the left side for quick access to all technical sections and appendices.

Although there are “Return to Appendix” links on the first page of the subappendices, using the bookmarks is quicker to return to the index or the front of any other section/appendix. Downloading the manual and viewing it in Acrobat Reader also avoids problematic browsers like Google Chrome, which has issues with centering the document.

If using the links on the homepage, be aware that the quick links for Appendix 2-9 go to PDFs that only contain those appendices to allow for shorter loading times into those sections. The full Design Manual link, any of the technical sections or Appendix I will go to the desired location in the full manual.

In the manual, blue number links move to the referenced point and the corresponding red number links are used to return. Links have also been added on the Table of Contents to every section and appendix, including appendix subsections. There are also “Return to Table of Contents” links on the bottom of each page. However, it is recommended to use the bookmarks to be consistently quicker.

Any of the forms and spreadsheets listed in the manual can be downloaded from the website in .xls or .docx depending on their content using the links under Working Sheets & Forms on the home page. Google Earth KML files can also be downloaded from the links on the home page of the website or from the manual by going to Appendix V and then clicking the * next to the desired plan. To use the KML files, you will need to be on the internet and have Google Earth installed.

If you print the Design Manual, most pages are 8.5”x11”. However, there are a few sheets that require larger paper sizes. On these sheets, select the listed paper size and actual size in the print options.

Page 100 – Appendix IVb: Highway Opening Permit Applications (GPIS) – Page 2 of 4 – 11”x17”
Page 101 – Appendix IVb: Highway Opening Permit Applications (GPIS) – Page 3 of 4 – 24”x36”
Page 102 – Appendix IVb: Highway Opening Permit Applications (GPIS) – Page 4 of 4 – 30”x42”
Page 177 – Appendix Vd: Sewer Plats – 36”x48”
Page 178 – Appendix Ve: Water Plates – 36”x48”
Page 209 – Appendix Vg: Survey Districts – 36”x48”
Page 210 – Appendix Vh: Highway Districts – 36”x48”
Page 217 – Appendix Vj: State Highways – 36”x48”
Page 218 – Appendix Vk: Ward Map – 36”x48”
Page 231 – Appendix VIc: District Surveyor Contact Information – 11”x17”
Page 278 – Appendix IXa: Sample Water Drawing – 24”x36”
Page 279 – Appendix IXb: Sample Combined Sewer Drawing (S-1) – 30”x42”
Page 280 – Appendix IXc: Sample Sewer Match Line Drawing (S-3) – 30”x42”
Page 281 – Appendix IXd: Sample Separate Sewer Drawing – 30”x42”
Page 282 – Appendix IXe: Sample Roadway Grading Drawing – 24”x36″

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