Water Standard Details

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Detail IDDetail NameCAD File
Install-01Push on Joint Assembly DetailDWG
Install-02Mechanical Joint Assembly Detail WedgeDWG
Install-03Pay Limits for Excavation of Water Main TrenchesDWG
Install-04Excavation Pay Limit DimensionsDWG
Install-05Trench Restoration Detail – City StreetsDWG
Install-06Paving Dimensions & Quantities – City StreetsDWG
Install-07Trench Restoration Detail – State Routes
Install-08Paving Dimensions & Quantities – State Routes
Install-09Frost Protective CoatingDWG
Install-10-AService Connections 2″ and Smaller – Pg. 1
Install-10-BService Connections 2″ and Smaller – Pg. 2
Install-11Fire Hydrant InstallationDWG
Install-12Fire Hydrant Connections Mechanical Joint Valve & FittingsDWG
Install-13Pressure Test SetupDWG


Detail IDDetail NameCAD File
Thrust-01Concrete Anchors for TeesDWG
Thrust-02Concrete Anchors for Horizontal 1/4 BendsDWG
Thrust-03Concrete Anchors for Horizontal 1/8 BendsDWG
Thrust-04Concrete Anchors for Horizontal 1/16 and 1/32 BendsDWG
Thrust-05-AConcrete Anchors for Vertical Bends (Top) Pg 1DWG
Thrust-05-BConcrete Anchors for Vertical Bends (Top) Pg 2
Thrust-06Concrete Anchors for Vertical Bends (Bot)DWG
Thrust-07Concrete Anchors for Dead EndsDWG
Thrust-08Push On Joint HarnessingDWG


Detail IDDetail NameCAD File
Valve-01Direct Bury ValveDWG
Valve-03Air ValvesDWG
Valve-04Air Valve ChamberDWG
Valve-05Blow-Off Branch with Outlet ValveDWG
Valve-06Blow-Off ChamberDWG
Valve-07Frame and Cover 21″ 3/4″DWG
Valve-08Frame and Cover 36″DWG
Valve-09Manhole StepsDWG
Valve-10Valve Concrete PadDWG
Valve-12Standard 7″ Valve Box Cast Iron Frame and CoverDWG
Valve-13-AStandard 7″ Valve Box Plastic Top & Bottom SectionDWG
Valve-13-BStandard 7″ Valve Box Materials Specifications
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