Tabor Ave Greening

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Current Phase:


September 2022


April 2024


Project #50226 Tabor Ave Greening will implement green infrastructure to improve the stormwater management of the Lawncrest neighborhood.

This is part of the overall Green Infrastructure Initiative implemented by City of Philadelphia called Green City, Clean Waters. It is part of several GSI projects in a multi-year Lawncrest project package.

Streets Affected

  • Tabor Ave. from Allengrove St. to Robbins St.
  • Van Kirk St. from Bennington St. to Tabor Ave.
  • Tabor Ave. from Allengrove St. to Levick St. (Water Main work)
For worksite issues, contact:
For more information, contact:

Project #50226

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Project Files

Lawncrest Neighborhood MapJuly 14, 2023 #50226 Construction LetterJune 21, 2022 #50226 Bid Outreach LetterApril 18, 2022 #50226 Project Summary SheetApril 18, 2022


Construction Update: 85% Complete

Project #50226 is about 85% completed. The remaining two systems are estimated to be completed by the end of February 2024. Final milling, paving, and planting will be done in Spring 2024.

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