Stormwater Plan Review


This webpage is a resource for developers, engineers, contractors, and property owners who are seeking information about designing, constructing, or maintaining a property that is applicable to the PWD Stormwater Regulations.



Learn about the Regulations and stormwater management basics.

Design & Permitting

Learn how to design a site to comply with the Stormwater Regulations and the process for obtaining pre-requisite stormwater approvals for city permits.


Learn about the construction process for the installation of stormwater management practices, including inspection by PWD and important resources for contractors.


Learn about maintaining on-site stormwater management practices and rights and responsibilities as a property owner.

Stormwater Plan Review guides private development in Philadelphia to help improve water quality in local rivers and streams. 

Stormwater Plan Review is the unit within the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) responsible for reviewing development projects in the City of Philadelphia to ensure compliance with the Stormwater Regulations. These Stormwater Regulations require development projects to manage stormwater on site to help meet the City’s goals of improved water quality. The Stormwater Regulations address a variety of water resource concerns including water quality and quantity, flooding, and impaired stream banks and channels. Stormwater Plan Review provides a range of services relating to the enforcement and implementation of the Stormwater Regulations. This unit reviews approximately 74 development projects per year.

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Green City, Clean Waters

Philadelphia’s 25-year plan to reduce combined sewer overflows

In 2011, PWD set about an ambitious plan to reduce CSOs through the use of green stormwater infrastructure.

Stormwater Pioneers

Recognizing the best in stormwater management

Every year, PWD awards private property owners who have exemplified excellence in managing stormwater runoff on their sites.

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