Stormwater Incentives

The Philadelphia Water Department offers incentives to property owners, project managers, and developers to keep and increase stormwater management on their property for lower costs.

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What are Stormwater Incentives?

Stormwater Incentives are financial and development incentives to incorporate more (or keep existing) beneficial stormwater management techniques on private property. Different Stormwater Incentives can provide:

  • Some relief on a monthly stormwater bill with Stormwater Credits (Want to learn more about your stormwater bill? Visit our Stormwater Billing page).
  • A Stormwater Grant to design and build stormwater management practices (SMPs) on private property. These projects are then eligible for Stormwater Credits.
  • A lump sum or zoning allowances/exceptions for managing “extra” area in a stormwater project, known as Development Incentives.
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Why Stormwater Incentives?

Different incentives are available to different properties based on property characteristics and proposed work to the area. These incentives are offered by the Philadelphia Water Department to manage stormwater for healthy and safe communities. This stormwater management goal is part of the Green City, Clean Waters plan to build more Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) across the City as well as meet the City’s Stormwater Regulations. Visit these pages to learn more about the benefits of GSI and the City’s many ways to plan and build it.

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Stormwater Credits

The Stormwater Credits Program is the most commonly-used incentive for non-residential property owners to lower their stormwater bill. Property owners may be eligible today!

Stormwater Grants

Stormwater Grants are for non-residential private property owners that would like to build a stormwater retrofit project on their property to be eligible for Stormwater Credits.

Rain Check

Rain Check is the main incentive for residential property owners who want rain barrels, planters, or other free or discounted stormwater management practices installed on their property.

Development Incentives

Developer Incentives, such as the Developer ROW Incentive, are for projects undergoing development and redevelopment.

If you have any questions about Stormwater Incentives, please contact the PWD Stormwater Incentives team at 215-685-6070 or

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