Stormwater Appeals

The Stormwater Appeals Program provides stormwater customers an opportunity to appeal PWD’s area calculations and property classifications, to claim a sideyard exemption, or to change the distribution of charges among multiple accounts on a property.

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What is an appeal?

Customers may request corrections to Gross Area and/or Impervious Area determinations if they are found to be inaccurate, and may also seek fee adjustments for any parcel data, classification, or stormwater billing errors. To submit an appeal, click on the “File Appeal” button above to download the appropriate form (Form A or Form A-1). There is no application fee to file a stormwater appeal application. For more detailed information, refer to the Stormwater Management Service Charge Credits and Appeals Manual.

Common Appeal Types

Incorrect Parcel

Customer does not own the parcel for which they are being billed.

Inaccurate Property Classification

The property classification of residential, non-residential, or condominium is outdated or erroneous. See Learn about your stormwater charge for more information about property classification.

Inaccurate Gross Area

The total square footage for which the parcel is being billed is incorrect. Recent subdivisions or consolidations, or otherwise inaccurate parcel boundary delineations, are common examples of this appeal type.

Inaccurate Impervious Area

For properties that hold an active The total impervious area for which the parcel is being billed is incorrect. Impervious area includes hard surfaces such as rooftops, concrete and paved parking areas.

Residential Sideyard

Residential sideyard exemptions are only applicable to non-residential parcels located directly adjacent to a residential parcel. Additionally, the sideyard parcel must be deeded to the same owner as the residential parcel and used exclusively for residential purposes.

Revised Charge Allocations

By default, properties with multiple water accounts split the total parcel-based stormwater charge equally. A parcel owner or owner’s authorized representative may request an alternative Stormwater Charge Allocation for the water accounts on their property by filing Form A-1.

File an Appeal

Download, complete, and mail or email Form A or Form A-1 to file an appeal. Use Form A-1 for Revised Charge Allocation Appeals ONLY. All other appeals should be filed using Form A. An overview of the appeals process is included below.

Stormwater Appeals Process


Review Stormwater Billing Data Summary for your property

Begin by searching for your property in the Parcel Viewer to review its charge summary for accuracy. If you notice any errors, you may submit Form A.


Submit Form A

Download and complete Form A. The completed application and supporting documentation must be submitted to:

Stormwater Billing Program
Philadelphia Water Department
1101 Market St., 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Completed & signed appeal forms can also be scanned and submitted via email to


PWD Technical Review

We will review your appeal application once it is received and determine any corrections to billing data that may be warranted. We may follow-up with you if we need further information or to arrange a site visit.


Decision Letter Issued

We will send a written Notice of Disposition (Form E) to you detailing our appeal decision upon completion of the technical application review.

Questions regarding an appeal decision can be discussed with the Stormwater Appeals Team at or (215) 685-6244.


Billing Adjustments

Typical length of time to process an appeal application (including review, issuing a decision letter, and applying any billing adjustments) is 3-4 weeks from date application is received.

If your appeal results in billing adjustments to any previous billed amounts or your monthly stormwater charge calculation, these adjustments will be reflected in your monthly water bill within 1-2 billing cycles.

Revised Charge Allocation Appeals

When a parcel is served by multiple water accounts, PWD will compute the stormwater charge for the parcel and then allocate that charge equally among the accounts. However, a parcel owner may request a different allocation of the stormwater charge by filing a Revised Charge Allocation Appeal.

This type of appeal is only applicable to properties with multiple water accounts and is filed using Form A-1. It otherwise follows a similar process to that outlined above. Revised allocations are requested in percentages rounded to the nearest hundredth (ex. 33.33%) of the total stormwater charge, and the total percentage requested for all accounts must equal 100.00%. Form A-1 must be submitted by the property owner or property owner’s authorized representative.

Got Questions? Need More Information?

If you have further questions, contact the Stormwater Appeals Team at or (215) 685-6244. For more detailed information, refer to the Stormwater Management Service Charge Credits and Appeals Manual.

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