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Stormwater Connect

Stormwater Connect is a web application designed to help stormwater vendors and property owners find each other to implement Stormwater Grant Projects

Stormwater retrofit projects – adding green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) tools to private property – help the Philadelphia Water Department sustainably manage stormwater while saving property owners money.

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Stormwater Grants help cover the costs to add or increase stormwater management on your property.

More Info on Stormwater Grants


Adding or maintaining GSI on your property can help reduce your monthly bill through Stormwater Credits.

More Info on Stormwater Credits

GSI Tools

Green stormwater tools use plants, trees, and stone to filter, store, and manage stormwater in a smart and cost-effective way.

More Info on GSI Tools

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the PWD Stormwater Incentives team at 215-685-6070 or PWD.StormwaterCredits@phila.gov

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